Short Bio

Born and bread in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. I graduated as a filmmaker in Arte7 escuela de cine in Mexico City. I specialized in Social Media Marketing Management with the SoMe Academy and a few years later I persued a certification in UX/Ui Design, learning how to Code with SheCodes: Coding workshops for women, UX Design Certificate by Google, and JavaScript Full Stack Bootcamp by Kodemia. I also finished the Project Management Certificate by Google and got my SCRUM Study certificate and Google Cloud Certificate.

I'm very passionate about what I do for work, but I also enjoy watching movies and series in my free time, listening and making music with my guitar, reading novels on my kindle I take everywhere, and specially to my travels around Mexico and the world.

If I think of my future, I see myself doing more of the work I've been doing so far, but from different parts of the world, doing all the things I love, in different cities, knowing new people on the way.

My vision

I'm passionate about creating that connection with people's vision, and I'm committed to create bridges that will get them one step closer to seeing it become a reality, through providing solutions to grow and strengthen their digital presence to help them achieve their vision.

Me in a Nutshell

Hi! My name is Paola. I'm currently a front end developer and UX/Ui designer from Mexico.

Over the las 6 years I've had the chance to work with different companies and projects in Mexico and USA, providing services focused on design, photography, marketing strategies and project management.

A few years later I wanted to take things further and I decided to embark in my coding journey, starting with SheCodes Coding for women program, UX Design Certification by Google, as well as the Project Management Certification by Google, and I finished up with the JavaScript Full Stack Bootcamp by Kodemia. I completed some hands-on projects and developed the portfolio you can see right here.

Here are some of my certifications

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You can Download my Resume here:

English Resume Currƭculum en EspaƱol

A little bit of my life